BJC Licence

A British Judo Council Provisional Licence lasts for three months (Trial period). The cost of the provisional licence is £10.00 for both Junior and Senior members.

Before the provisional licence period expires you are required to purchase a full licence (Picture above) for the remaining nine months, from the British Judo Council (BJC). This licence will

cost an additional £17.00 for under 18 years and £24.00 for 18yrs and over.

This will then enable you or your child/ren to practice judo, participate in Gradings and to take part in competitions.

In the licence, you must affix an up to date passport sized photo this is to enable the member to be recognised at Gradings and competition events.

Judo Suits (Gi'S)

Childrens Sizes: £19.50

000 / 110cm (3'4"-3'7") age guide 5-6 yrs

00 / 120 cm (3'7"-4'0") age guide 7-8 yrs

0 / 130cm (4'0"-4'4") age guide 9-10 yrs

1 / 140cm (4'4"-4'8") age guide 10-11yrs

2/ 150cm (4'8"-5'0") age guide 12-13 yrs

Adult Sizes: £24.50

3/ 160cm (5'1" -5'4")

4/170cm (5'5"-5'8")

5/ 180cm (5'9"-5'11)

6/190cm (6'0"-6'2")

Club Hoodies

Childrens Sizes: £17.99

3-4 Years

5-6 Years

7-8 Years

9-11 Years

12-13 Years

Adult Sizes: £24.99






Club Badge

Club badges can be purchased for just £3.00

BJC Grading Syllabus

BJC syllabus books can be obtained for just £6.00