Best Judoka Award

June 2018

Isabel Harwood wins Judoka of the month award for June on our 8 to 12 year mat. Isabel works so hard every session. Great attitude and a fantastic role model

Iris Kinght wins Judoka of the Month award for June on the 4 - 7 year mat. Iris has really improved over the past few weeks and is a real star in the making.

Midland Area Open. Sunday 24th June 2018.

Three members of the club, Joe Matthews, Eve Matthews and Dan Plummer took part in the Midlands Are Open on probably the hottest day of they year. All three fought extremely well. Results to follow:

Dan Plummer Gold in the Junior Boys U60K category.

Eve Matthews Silver in the Junior Girls U35K category

Joe Matthews Bronze in the Junior Boys U60K category

Geraint is Leaving

This has been very hard to put into words, but last night was Geraints last Judo session at the club as he embarks on his new career in the RAF. Geraint started Judo at Countesthorpe thirteen years ago and I have had the pleasure of seeing him grow and develop into an amazing young man, a talented Judoka and a role model for everyone at the club. I would like to wish him well in his career, I know he will be successful and a huge asset to the RAF. I will miss him tremendously and would like to thank him for all he has done for the club. I know he will be back to visit. We are planning a farewell trip to bowling on the 19th July to say goodby.

Kent International

Saturday 30th June 2019

Connor Van Dijk wins gold at the Kent International

When we were young

This photograph was taken in the early 1980's in St Ives, Cornwall

L-R Jim Oram, Paula Oram, Sensei Robin Otani, Elaine Harris, Roger Harris

Kate Louise Howey MBE with Jim in Countesthorpe. Kate is showing Jim her Olympic silver medal. Kate is a British judoka who has competed at four Olympic Games. Kate is the only British woman to have won two Olympic judo medals (silver at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and bronze at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona). She was also selected to carry the British flag at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

L-R Paula Oram, Sensei Hosaka, Kathy Tranter and Jim Oram at Countesthorpe Village Hall.

R-L Jim Oram (East Midlands Coach) with Sean Sarson from Countesthorpe, Simone Strong (East Midlands Coach) and Kellie Brabham from Southfields at the 2009 Special Olympics.

A fantastic event and a privilege to coach sean to win his Olympic Gold medal. Sean was a very talented judoka who was offered a chance to fight in Athens and in Los Angeles but decided to stop judo shortly after his amazing achievement.